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Publix Super Markets Charities supports various types of nonprofit organizations throughout the Southeast, focusing primarily on youth, education, reducing hunger, and alleviating homelessness. You can see examples of past support here. For more information regarding online donation requests, you can visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

Requests on behalf of your organization can now be made online. Please note that to qualify, the organization must operate in and/or serve clients in one or more of the following states: Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, or Virginia. Donations for school clubs and teams will be made payable to your qualified school, not to booster clubs. Please be sure that your school is registered, and that you apply on behalf of the school when making these requests.


Already registered? Log in to the Publix Charitable Donations website.



Requests related to hunger relief programs must be submitted from March 1 through April 30 for a fall decision and announcement.

Requests related to housing and shelter programs must be submitted between July 1 and August 31 for an end of the year decision and announcement.

All other nonprofit program and sponsorship requests may be submitted throughout the year. Please allow about 8 weeks for review and processing.

Please include all applicable deadlines when making your request.


All requests are submitted online. First, you will need to register. Choose one of the two registration options below. Once registered, you’ll receive a password allowing you to log back in to submit your request.

Use the below link to register if you work for or are on the board of the nonprofit organization and are responsible for making grant or sponsorship requests.

Use the below link to register if you are a volunteer and making a grant or sponsorship request on behalf of a nonprofit organization. (Volunteer examples: Parent volunteer for a school club; coach or student athlete for a youth sports team). Before registering as a volunteer: Please make sure someone who works for the nonprofit organization has registered the organization. The organization’s registration is required before your request can be processed.


All correspondence is done online through the request process.